my ride’s here later losers

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  • kingdom hearts 1: hey this main character you're playing yeah he has been chosen by this VERY UNIQUE ONE OF A KIND WEAPON its called the keyblade it's kind of a big deal
  • kingdom hearts 2: lmao okay actually there's not just one there's a couple but not a lot okay they're really rare and these kids are just really special like damn how amazing is that one for each of them
  • birth by sleep: lmfao okay so


Nero, when i first got him. (: my favorite picture of him.

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teacher: eyes on your own paper

me: bitch i only have eyes for da paper



Big is thinking hard after a long day.

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Goodnight world and to a better tomorrow.

I just wanna hold you, talk to you, touch you and hear you all day and night. I wanna fall asleep to you, I wanna wake up to you. I wanna be surprised at the door. I wanna be surprised and just see you in my bed next to me. I just want all these things and all I ever see them in are movies. I hate that my life will never ever be like that.

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